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Terra Gold Mixtures

TG Extend:  Download PDF
Maximize growth with full season production. The addition of peas and oats to TG Extend will deliver summer hay/silage with regrowth potential for fall grazing.

25% Melquatro Italian Ryegrass
20% Japanese Millet
20% Ebena Brand Common Vetch
15% Golden German Millet
  5% Finito Brand Turnip Rape
  5% Akela Brand Forage Rape
  5% H.O. Brand Crimson Clover
5% Winner Brand Berseem Clover

TG Rejuvenate:
A great grazing crop for all species of livestock that will provide multiple grazings and contain several overwintering species for spring grazing in year two. It will help bring old pastures back to life while increasing grazing production. This blend is meant for grazing and is not recommended before cash crops.

32% Melquatro Italian Ryegrass
16% Tetra Brand Annual Ryegrass
10% Red Clover S.C.
  8% Balo Brand Phacelia
  8% Plantain
  5% Chicory
  5% Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover
5% Hercules Brand Turnips
5% Forage Collards
5% Inka Brand Marrowstem Kale
5% Finito Brand Turnip Rape

TG Hay:
Fast establishing warm season blend for hay. Japanese Millet and Forage Collards give good regrowth for grazing or ground cover.

50% Crown Millet
31% Japanese Millet
13% Winner Brand Berseem Clover
  6% Forage Collards

TG Silage Biomass:
Big leafy warm season grasses that give silage and very good yield potential.

62% Sorghum Sudangrass
17% Japanese Millet
13% Winner Brand Berseem Clover
  8% Forage Collards

TG Swath Grazer:
Improve soil structure, fix nitrogen and improve residue breakdown, while providing livestock with a higher plane of nutrition over a straight cereal crop.

52% Hungvillosa Brand Hairy Vetch
25% Melquatro Italian Ryegrass
  8% Balo Brand Phacelia
  5% Finito Brand Turnip Rape
  5% Hercules Brand Turnips
  5% Forage Collards

TG Fall Grazer:
A mix of warm and cool season grasses. Plantain provides extended grazing with high sugar content. Collards add stable production and high feed quality.

50% Japanese Millet
14% Plantain
14% Winner Brand Berseem Clover
14% Laser Brand Persian Clover
  8% Forage Collards

TG Soil Enhancer:
Daikon Radish absorbs soil and other key nutrients with unique taproot. Crimson Clover converts atmospheric nitrogen into plant available N, while improving soil health by adding organic matter. Max N is achieved at the first flowering of Crimson Clover.

70% Daikon Radish
15% H.O. Crimson Clover
15% Winner Brand Berseem Clover

TG Smother:
Late seeded cover crop mixture that produces a ground penetrating root system capable of breaking up compacted soils. A strong green manure producer that will improve the soil.

40% Daikon Radish
15% Forage Collards
15% Buckwheat
15% H.O. Crimson Clover
10% Winner Brand Berseem Clover
  5% Balo Brand Phacelia

TG Saline:
combination of saline tolerant species to help cover the ground and re-establish microbial activity. Best left to rot on the surface over winter.

36% Japanese Millet
33% Sunflower
16% Brigadier Brand Fodder Beet
15% Forage Collards

TG Pollinator:
A mix of annual and short live perennials that attract bees and feeds beneficial insert populations. It improves the soil while being a beneficial pollinator sanctuary.

Components: Lupin, Persian Clover, Sainfoin, Red Clover, Balo Brand Phacelia, Subterranean Clover, White Clover, Bird’s-Foot Trefoil. (May change based on availability)

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