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Terra Gold Mixtures

TG Extend:  Download PDF
Maximize growth with full season production. The addition of peas and oats to TG Extend will deliver summer hay/silage with regrowth potential for fall grazing.

25% Melquatro Italian Ryegrass
20% Japanese Millet
20% Ebena Brand Common Vetch
15% Pearl Millet
  5% Malwira Brand Turnip Rape
  5% Akela Brand Forage Rape
  5% H.O. Brand Crimson Clover
5% Winner Brand Berseem Clover

TG Smother:
Late seeded cover crop mixture that produces a ground penetrating root system capable of breaking up compacted soils. A strong green manure producer that will improve the soil.

40% Tillage Radish
15% Forage Collards
15% Buckwheat
15% H.O. Crimson Clover
10% Winner Brand Berseem Clover
  5% Balo Brand Phacelia

TG Hay:
Fast establishing warm season blend for hay. Japanese Millet and Forage Collards give good regrowth for grazing or ground cover.

50% Crown Millet
31% Japanese Millet
13% Winner Brand Berseem Clover
  6% Forage Collards

TG Silage Biomass:
Big leafy warm season grasses that give silage and very good yield potential.

62% Sorghum Sudangrass
17% Japanese Millet
13% Winner Brand Berseem Clover
  8% Forage Collards

TG Soil Enhancer:
Tillage Radish absorbs soil and other key nutrients with unique taproot. Crimson Clover converts atmospheric nitrogen into plant available N, while improving soil health by adding organic matter. Max N is achieved at the first flowering of Crimson Clover.

70% Tillage Radish
15% H.O. Crimson Clover
15% Winner Brand Berseem Clover

TG Fall Grazer:
A mix of warm and cool season grasses. Plantain provides extended grazing with high sugar content. Collards add stable production and high feed quality.

50% Japanese Miller
14% Plantain
14% Winner Brand Berseem Clover
14% Laser Brand Persian Clover
  8% Forage Collards

TG Saline:
combination of saline tolerant species to help cover the ground and re-establish microbial activity. Best left to rot on the surface over winter.

34% Japanese Millet
33% Safflower
13% Sugar Beet/Brigadier Brand Feed Beet
13% Forage Collards
7% Sunflower

TG Annual Select:
A mix of annual forages that will provide both fiber and protein in balance is ideal. No more than half the diet should be brassicas. Forage peas can be added fix N and provide high quality forage for grazing.

45% Annual Ryegrass
25% Hairy Vetch
  8% Forage Rape
  7% Hybrid Forage Brassica
  5% Radish
5% Crimson Clover
5% Berseem Clover

TG Pollinator:
A mix of annual and short live perennials that attract bees and feeds beneficial insert populations. It improves the soil while being a beneficial pollinator sanctuary.

Components: Lupin, Persian Clover, Sainfoin, Red Clover, Balo Brand Phacelia, Subterranean Clover, White Clover, Bird’s-Foot Trefoil. (May change based on availability)

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