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Forage Seed Brochure

Perennial Forage Mixtures

Haymaker Select:
Strong hay blend that adapts to various soil conditions.

55% Imperial Select Alfalfa Blend
20% Martin 2 Tall Fescue
15% Carlton or York Smooth Brome 
10% Melpetra Perennial Ryegrass

Alfalfa Timothy Select:
Developed specifically for high productivity and quality.

90% Imperial Select Alfalfa Blend
10% Anjo Timothy

Pasture Select:
High quality grasses, all having very good regrowth characteristics.

40% Fleet Meadow Bromegrass
20% Pardus Meadow Fescue
20% Martin 2 Tall Fescue
10% Melpetra Perennial Ryegrass
5% Treposno Orchardgrass
5% Matrix Creeping Root Alfalfa

All Grass Select:
A broad based grass mixture designed to produce high quality all grass hay or pasture.

25% Fleet Meadow Bromegrass
20% Melpetra Perennial Ryegrass
15% Treposno Orchardgrass
15% Martin 2 Tall Fescue
15% Boreal Creeping Red Fescue
10% Anjo Timothy

Lowland Select:
Specifically designed for heavier soil types where alfalfa may be difficult to establish.

50% Martin 2 Tall Fescue
20% Anjo Timothy
15% Carlton or York Smooth Brome 
15% Alsike Clover

Saline Select:
A diverse mixture of varying saline tolerant species.

30% Martin 2 Tall Fescue
25% Slender Wheatgrass
25% Carlton or York Smooth Brome 
10% Imperial Select Alfalfa Blend
10% Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover

Wildlife Mixtures

Whitetail Classic:
Annual mixture high in soluble protein & carbohydrates. Producing a high yield of palatable forage that is very attractive for late season grazing.

Contains Turnips, Forage Rape, Forage Brassica, Forage Kale, Persian Clover, Collards

(Components vary depending on availability. )

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