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Forage Seed Brochure

Alfalfa *Pre-inoculated

Clover & Misc. Legumes

  • Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover

  • Alsike Clover

  • D.C. Red Clover

  • S.C. Red Clover

  • Cicer Milkvetch

  • Sainfoin

  • Leo/Com #1 Bird’s-foot Trefoil

  • White Dutch Clover

  • Bombus White Clover


  • Martin 2 Tall Fescue
    Forage Type, Endophyte free; Improved forage quality and palatability, softer leaf.

  • Pardus Meadow Fescue
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  • Anjo Timothy
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  • Treposno Brand Orchardgrass

  • Fleet Meadow Brome

  • York Smooth Bromegrass
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  • Carlton Smooth Brome

  • Kirk Crested Wheatgrass

  • Slender Wheatgrass

  • Intermediate Wheatgrass

  • Hykor Brand Festulolium
    Tall Fescue x Italian Ryegrass; Excellent component in alfalfa/grass mixtures where optimum yield & quality is desired.

  • Merlin Brand Festulolium
    Meadow Fescue x Italian Ryegrass; Improved persistence/productivity over Italian ryegrass, increased sugar/energy content.

  • Pubescent Wheatgrass

  • Dahurian Wildrye

  • Kentucky Bluegrass

  • Boreal Creeping Red Fescue

  • Sheeps Fescue

  • Reed Canarygrass

  • Creeping Foxtail

Annuals & Ryegrass

  • Harmony Italian Ryegrass Blend
    A great combination of both Diploid & Tetraploid Italian Ryegrasses; increased forage yield as well as outstanding sugar content.

  • Melquatro Italian Ryegrass

  • Sorghum Sudangrass

  • BMR Sorghum Sudangrass

  • Tetra Brand Annual Ryegrass

  • Melpetra Perennial Ryegrass
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  • German Millet

  • Crown Millet

  • Peas and Oats Mix

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