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Matrix Alfalfa

Invades the soil biosphere like no other creeping rooted alfalfa

Matrix is a new generation creeping rooted alfalfa that does not sacrifice yield or quality for a strong creeping habit that is second to none. This alfalfa has a large, low crown that is well suited to grazing and being a creeping alfalfa, it is winter hardy. Matrix alfalfa is medium to late maturing, with a fall dormancy rating of 2. Since it is a high yielding, creeping rooted variety, it will fit into hay rotations with earlier maturing varieties. On lighter land and drier conditions Matrix can out yield tap-rooted varieties.

Matrix is a strong, creeping variety bred in Minnesota. In a study conducted in central Minnesota, 35% of seedlings transplanted in June had already initiated the creeping habit by late fall. This was very high compared to the other varieties. This long-term alfalfa will work well on marginal lands where a producer does not want to renovate the field every few years.

Yield data has been favorable. Private data in Minnesota has shown the same yield as tap rooted check varieties and in Canada, the data from the Western Forage Variety Tests showed that Matrix out performed the creeping rooted check variety Rambler, but not significantly different from the tap rooted check variety.


• Winterhardy
• Medium to late maturity
• Fall dormancy 2
• Bred / Selected in Minnesota


Agronomic Traits

Bacterial Wilt
Fusarium Wilt
Verticillium Wilt

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