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Melpetra Perennial Ryegrass

Melpetra is a tetraploid, late maturing, perennial ryegrass variety developed in Europe. Melpetra combines outstanding quantities of high sugar forage with persistence. This makes it an excellent choice for grazing, high quality haylage as well as being the grass component of an alfalfa-grass mixture. Its tetraploid ploidy level provides wider leaves and upright growth, making it especially suitable for harvested forage. Melpetra’s improvements in expanded seasonal forage production allows it to better tolerate drought and cold temperatures and still retain active growth and high quality.



  • High sugar content
  • Long, upright, wide leaves
  • Excellent seedling vigor
  • Late maturity


  • Excellent component for pasture mixes
  • Excellent for mechanical harvest in areas of perennial ryegrass adaptation, especially where high quality forage is needed
  • Excellent grass for alfalfa/grass mixtures

Performance Data

Maturity: Late
Rust Resistance: Medium to high
1st Harvest yields: Medium
Aftermath yields: High


  • Improved animal performance
  • Excellent for mechanical harvest
  • ŸRapid ground cover to reduce weed competition
  • Improved quality


  • ŸPlanting Depth: 1/4 – ½ inch

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