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Pardus Meadow Fescue

Pardus is a medium maturing meadow fescue that combines very good yield potential throughout the growing season with strong resistance to diseases (especially that of rust and leaf spot) and excellent winter hardiness. It grows very well under cool moist conditions, tolerating wet and sometimes flooded soils. Pardus has excellent quality, forms a thick sward and is an excellent choice for pasture or used as the grass component with alfalfa for hay or haylage.


  • Excellent disease resistance and winter hardiness
  • Tolerates wet soils
  • Excellent seedling vigor
  • High Quality


  • Excellent component for pasture mixes in northern regions of the US and Canada especially in areas of wet soils
  • Excellent for mechanical harvest in grass/alfalfa mixtures especially where high quality forage is needed



  • Improved persistence and longevity
  • Excellent forage where other grass species won’t grow
  • ŸRapid ground cover to reduce weed competition
  • Improved animal production


  • Ÿ Planting Depth: 1/4 – ½ inch

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