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Synergy Alfalfa Blend

Synergy Alfalfa Blend consists of only our most elite certified varieties. The unique characteristics of each variety should deliver an alfalfa blend that will excel under varying conditions.


• Showdown Alfalfa
• Stealth II Alfalfa
Ÿ• Foundation APR Alfalfa
• Matrix Alfalfa


  • Will excel in the well-drained loamy sections, while adding extra quality
  • High level multifoliate leaf expression
  • Outstanding yield potential
  • Excellent regrowth

Foundation APR

  • Will excel in heavier or damp section of the field and help protect against Aphanomyces Race 2
  • Early-medium maturity
  • Fast recovery
  • Multifoliate, fine stemmed
  • Excellent persistence

Stealth II

  • Will provide an alfalfa stand that is easier to harvest and protects against lost forage and yield. The earlier maturity of Stealth II will provide an aggressive blend with an increased harvest window and higher quality
  • High yielding
  • Fast regrowth
  • Improved standability
  • Multifoliate


  • A new generation creeping root with a large low crown and late maturity

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